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Pregnancy is such a special time, however, this wonderful life experience also introduces an increased amount of stress and strain on the body. Even in the first few months of existence, an unborn baby uses enormous amounts of nutrients that would ordinarily go to providing energy for the mum-to-be in her normal activities.


Reflexology during pregnancy can be so beneficial, not only is it wonderfully relaxing but it has the potential to offer relief from some of the most common issues experienced during pregnancy; back strain, constipation, fluid retention, general fatigue, insomnia, stomach cramps and headaches. 

Towards the final stages of pregnancy, reflexology can be very beneficial for mum-to-be as it allows her the opportunity to let go of any tension, and the anxiety of birth can be eased away as the relaxation takes over. There can obviously be no guarantees here, especially if the baby is not quite ready to make an appearance, however, receiving a treatment can encourage the body to relax which may be the signal baby needs to begin its journey into the world.

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During pregnancy many extensive body changes occur and extra tension in the muscular skeletal system form caused by hormones and a shift in the centre of gravity. Massage during pregnancy can reduce peripheral swelling, help prevent insomnia, reduce muscle cramps, back pain and sciatica and soothe the nervous system.

In addition to the physical strain, massage can also relieve any anxiety and depression caused by hormonal changes. Having massages can be the difference between a miserable pregnancy and a great life experience. 

Post Partum Massage 

Post partum massage is just as important as massage during pregnancy as it aims to nurture and support during recovery. It assists with rebalancing, postural changes, elevates mood and can reduce lower back and pelvic pain.

Both reflexology and massage are available at Cherry Blossom Wellbeing after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 
Choose a relaxing pregnancy treatment as a gift to yourself or a loved one. Get in touch to book an appointment or purchase a gift voucher.
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