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   Corporate Wellness

Our corporate treatments provide a preventative system to reduce workplace stress

A reflexology or massage treatment provides a preventative system to reduce workplace stress that will help to re-energise employees, improve productivity and help to gain an energised and motivated workforce. 

Perfect whether you're planning a well-being event, an on-going programme of good health, or as part of a non-financial reward scheme. 


  • Reduced stress levels 

  • Eases muscle stress and tension

  • Energising and uplifting 

  • Clearer thinking, improved concentration, increased productivity and combats fatigue 

  • Improved health and immunity 

  • Employee engagement and a more positive outlook and attitude 

  • Calming the nervous system 

  • Improved circulation 

  • Induces an increased sense of wellbeing 

Improves staff retention and morale. 





More and more employers are realising that holistic therapies can provide valuable help in maintaining the health and well-being of their employees, increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and reducing the cost of sickness pay. 
According to government statistics, stress, depression and anxiety related problems account for the majority of lost working days. 
Improving the health and wellbeing of your workforce can improve the efficiency of your organisation. 

There will be minimal disruption to the working environment. We will require a small private space and treatments are carried out on a portable couch or a specifically designed, portable chair. We ideally recommend 30 minute treatments, however, this is very flexible to fit around your work schedule. 
Each individual session includes a one to one consultation to encourage employees to achieve good health and improve on their stress coping strategies.

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